Distance to CBD:

  • 27km

Population and ethnic mix:

  • Approx 17.8% people are privately renting
  • Median age is 38
  • Mainly older families


  • Numerous bus services
  • Own train station

Housing type:

  • 78.3% of properties are houses
  • 10.8% are flats or units
  • 10.5% are semi detatched units

Living in Aspendale

People are attracted to Aspendale because it offers a holiday –like atmosphere with the convenience of being in the suburbs. There are lots of little streets about 100m long running off Nepean Highway and ending abruptly on the sands of Aspendale’s wonderful beach. Houses vary greatly in value, but all pockets are strongly sought after and thus maintain high prices. Actual beachfront properties are highly prized and now attract prices in the multiple millions each.


  • Train station
  • Bayside suburb
  • Safe swimming beach
  • Mainly older families
  • Shopping precincts
  • Golf course