Dandenong / Dandenong North

Distance to CBD:

  • 31 km (direct line)

Population and ethnic mix:

  • A great mix for owner occupiers and investors with 31% of occupiers renting.
  • Majority of demographic aged between 20 – 39
  • 55% of households have children
  • 33% of residents are Australian born while 11% are from India and Sri Lanka


  • Numerous bus services run throughout Dandenong
  • It’s own train and bus transport hub centred around the Dandenong station.

Housing type:

  • 42% of the properties are houses
  • 41% are flats or units
  • 17% are semi-detached units

Living in Dandenong / Dandenong North

Long established as Melbourne’s 2nd major city, the state government has invested vast sums of money into the precinct to see it continue to grow and develop to reflect this status. The Dandenong CBD has undergone and will continue to undergo radical changes in the coming years with theatres, offices, apartments and retail already established or on the agenda to meet the area’s increasing demand.

Housing in the huge suburb sees Central Dandenong the most highly sought precinct with large blocks being subdivided and developed making it attractive to developers and investors from afar. Similarly, Central Dandenong also contains a very large number of flats and apartments giving entry level buyers an affordable foothold into the market, and investors a choice of highly sought and easily let properties to add to their portfolios.

Dandenong North is a stand-alone suburb with coveted areas like the Rosewood Downs Estate (which are the houses running off and surrounding Outlook Dve) tightly held onto by owners but actively sought by buyers. It’s because of this small supply but large demand that the estate has an above median price for the area.

Dandenong is a fully fledged metropolis with a large, public hospital, some private hospitals, a TAFE college, high schools, primary schools, parks, buses, trains, freeways, malls and strip retail shopping, produce markets, state of the art drama theatre and so much more.


  • Train station
  • Hospitals
  • TAFE
  • Numerous primary and secondary schools
  • Commercial and industrial precincts