Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

As we head towards what is shaping as a typical chilly Melbourne winter, now is the ideal time to start preparing your home as our weather takes a turn for the worse. A simple maintenance program now can save you time and money later.

The first thing you should turn your attention to are the gutters that surround your roof. Leaves and twigs that have built up over previous months can block water flow, forcing it to run back in to your roof or under your house. Once your gutters have been cleared, installing a gutter protection barrier is a smart long-term solution. One method of preventing water damage to a property’s foundations is to re-position downpipes to flow into drains or rainwater tanks.

Depending on the length of time since it was last undertaken, the roof itself may require an inspection, preferably by a licensed roofing contractor. They should check for damaged tiles and loose iron sheeting. Overhanging branches from nearby trees may also need to be cut back or removed to prevent future damage.

Keeping warm during winter is important, so checking seals around windows and doors for heat loss should not only keep us healthy but our heating bills under control. Heaters should be vacuumed to remove dust that will have accumulated while they have been dormant over summer, and if applicable, chimneys should be cleared of soot and debris. Obviously the risk of fire is greatly increased over the winter months when fireplaces and heating systems are in constant use, so it’s a good idea to test smoke detectors, replacing any flat batteries that you may find.

Finally, seal driveways, brick patios and timber decking to make slippery or uneven surfaces as safe as possible.

Giving your home a thorough once over for these simple maintenance will not only reduce the risk of problems, it will ensure your comfort during the colder months.