Renting Tips


How do I maximise my chances of securing a property?

In a tight rental market where there are more tenants than properties for rent, you owe it to yourself to do everything possible to improve your chances of success when applying for rent.

Here are some tips:

  1. Register for email alerts.Whilst our Leasing Consultants send our hundreds of sms’s each week alerting prospective tenants about available properties, you still need to get on plus and register your requirements. That way, you will automatically receive alerts the moment any property fitting your criteria is listed online.
  2. Be early to the opens.Seeing it first enables you to apply first, and whilst “first in” is no guarantee of success, you will most probably be in a better position than if you are the 20th applicant.
  3. Supply as much detail as you can on your application form.Many good tenants miss out because they fail to put down enough good stuff about themselves. And always be accurate and tell the truth. Applications are checked very intelligently, so false information will not only be uncovered, but you could find it difficult going forward to be seriously considered for future properties.

How do I arrange to inspect the property?

All McDonald Real Estate rental properties are made available for your personal inspection by individual appointment or through advertised open times. At McDonald Real Estate, we understand that your time is valuable, and that borrowing keys from the agent – and then having to run back to return them – wastes your limited inspection time. All our opens are well advertised, and you can even register for upcoming properties. Our specialist Leasing Consultants can then sms you to advise of new addresses and times.

Applying through McDonald Real Estate:

You will be required to complete a comprehensive Tenancy Application Form and submit your application with 100 Points of Identification. Successful applicants pay their rent through our direct debit system, meaning they never have to remember to pay on time. It happens automatically. However, your first month’s rent plus (usually) an equivalent amount as the bond will both need to be paid prior to receiving the keys.

Connecting through McDonald Real Estate:

We can help you take the stress out of your next move by connecting your home services, including electricity, gas, water, internet through McDonald Real Estate Connect. This convenient and time saving service gives you the choice of service providers and is free. To take advantage of this service, speak to your Property Manager before you move in.

Contents Insurance

It is good sense to insure your personal belongings against loss or damage through a Contents Policy. (Note that your possessions are not covered by the owner’s policy).