Springvale / Springvale South

Distance to CBD:

  • 21 km (direct line)

Population and ethnic mix:

  • A mix of owner occupied homes with rentals, with 32% of occupiers renting.
  • Majority of demographic aged between 30 – 39
  • 55% of households have children
  • 33% of the ethnic mix are Australian born while 22% were born in Vietnam plus another 34% from other Asian backgrounds.


  • Numerous bus services run throughout Springvale
  • Its own train station – Springvale Station.

Housing type:

  • 72% of the properties are houses
  • 23% are semi detached/villa units

Living in Springvale / Springvale South
With a strong multicultural flavour, Springvale bursts with eclectic restaurants offering differing cuisines from all over Asia as well as numerous market-style shops making available fresh produce including exotic fruits that people come from all over Melbourne to access and savour.

The housing in the area has a similar draw. The compact precinct of Central Springvale is the most highly coveted area, with premium prices being paid for the older homes that are often removed making way for new 40plus square executive-style residences. Alternatively, many are re- developed as multiple unit or townhouse sites.

Away from this central area, the balance of Springvale and Springvale South offer a more affordable option for those looking to get into the vibrant locale. These established homes offer many home owners the space and size sought as well as investors a solid rental return coupled with a steady appreciation in values.

Springvale has its own train station and numerous buses making public transport from and to Springvale highly accessible. This infrastructure assists the many families in the area getting to and from workplaces or the many primary and secondary schools in the area.

  • Train station
  • Multicultural flavours
  • Great Markets and fresh produce